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Have you got outstanding tax returns?

If you think you’re alone because you haven’t done a tax return for a few years, then think again. Statistics show that the average Aussie under the age 34 has multiple tax returns outstanding.

I get it, talking about tax is not the most exciting subject on the planet. For me, I find it a fascinating subject whilst observing human nature.

Huh?! Why?

Well, you like having a bit of extra bonus cash in your pocket don’t you? If so, then what we say next might surprise you.

Why should you even bother to lodge your return?

Besides it being the drag of responsibility that comes with the package of being an adult (i.e. it’s the law), according to ASIC’s Money Smart website, the average Australian’s refund in 2016 was $2,112!

Yes, you read right. An average refund of $2,112!

Yet, with such a huge average, I’m surprised that so many people can’t be bothered to do their tax return every year (do you see where I was going now in observing human nature?!). This is your money the ATO is holding in their pockets (not yours).

I get that not everybody will receive such a big refund, but wouldn’t you like to know if you were one of them?


Let’s say you have 4 tax returns outstanding, and your return is the national average…. That is $8,448 that the ATO might be holding of YOUR money!!!

Holy Macaroni!!

Hang on, won’t they keep that money because I’m lodging late?

There’s a common misconception that the ATO will get mad or angry with you if you’ve got a missing tax return, and once you miss one, it becomes ‘too hard’ to do anything about it in the future.

Before long, you’ve not done a return for as long as you can remember and then bam! You need it to get a loan or something.

The fact is, if you have a tax refund owing to you, the ATO will probably just write a letter acknowledging your delay and caution you that if you miss your returns again in future, you will be fined.

Generally speaking, they won’t fine you unless you owe them money (not the other way around). 

Are you kidding – you still don’t think it’s worth checking that refund?

Look, I can’t believe this hasn’t given you the shake to get this little thing done…

If you don’t want your refund – would you mind coming in to see me? I know exactly what new motorcycle I’d love to buy with your wonderful gift….

Seriously – I would never take your money like that – it’s just plain unethical – but I am still wondering about human nature….

What are you waiting for?

Us Angels have made it so easy for you.

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Eezy Peezy?



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