Feeling overwhelmed by your business?
Not sure where to even start?

Answering these 3 questions will give you the clarity you need to build (or restructure) your business, break free from your 80-hour work week, and have the freedom & lifestyle you truly want.

Question #1: What is your driving purpose for starting your business?

Is it to spend more time with your friends & family?

How about solving a global issue or contributing to a worthy cause?

When you have clarity of purpose, you are able to focus your attention on what matters most. This frees up valuable time to deliver a highly sought after service to your customers. Building up your cash reserves. 

Question #2: Is it a business you’re looking to create? Or a job?

So often, I see people starting a business because they hate their job (or in 80% cases, truly, their inadequate manager).

I’ve never seen anybody who went into business and thought wow, I really enjoy working a ridiculous amount of hours for very little (initial / up front) cash reward.

You need to be clear up front on how your business will look.

Question #3: Who is your customer and why do they need you?

The most successful businesses are clear on what migraine issue they are resolving for their customers. The bigger the migraine, the higher the value they deliver. Resulting in strong long term demand, and scalable, profitable results.

Remember, happy customers tend to pay on time, every time, increasing your cash flow.

These are the exact questions I wish I asked myself 10 years ago when I took my first step towards building my own business.

I, like many entrepreneurs before me, I have learned the hard way. I have researched (and attempted) so many methods to build a sustainable, scalable, business. 

I’ve spent thousands of dollars on systems that were expensive and didn’t return one dollar on the investment. I wasted money on business “experts” to keep me accountable – but it was me helping them resolve their OWN business problems and paying for the pleasure!

The lack of clarity I had in my early entrepreneurial days meant that I wasted a heap of money and time. Worst of all, with hindsight, I see that I could have saved a lot of heartache and have a heap more cash in my own pocket had I followed these simple, replicable processes towards liberation.

Group training program for ambitious entrepreneurs & business owners

Whether you are just starting out or looking to upgrade your business systems, this program will give you everything you need to streamline your processes and increase your income.

We understand that the entrepreneurial life can be overwhelming.

If you want to reinvigorate your business, where do you start?

We’ve tried and tested this program with hundreds of clients and have streamlined the start up process to take the headache away. But most important, this method I’ve built and implemented in my own business.

I’ve developed this program out of pure frustration from seeing many new clients fall victim to the conflicting messages of how to start their business efficiently. Some clients come to me after several years spinning their wheels in their business arriving to my office tired, worn out and at their wits end.

Are YOU committed to starting up smart, without wasting your time or money?

Throughout this program, I am committed to ensuring you start up smart – right from the very beginning – without wasting your time or money.

Let’s be clear. This isn’t a silver bullet, or a get rich quick method. I am promising that if you follow our method, you will have a highly profitable, scalable business.

Module 1: Investigate

In this module we’ll be investigating your longer term purpose of your business and what it is you’re setting out to achieve.

With this module you’ll learn how to:

  • Create a scalable business, rather than a time consuming job.
  • Strengthen your business purpose and passion. Because when the going gets tough, the passionate entrepreneur will keep going.
  • Find your inch wide, mile deep specialisation that you and only you can do really well. Then stop competing against price.
  • Get super clear on your customer who needs your specialised skill / product and serve them well.

Module 2: Renovate

Once you have a clear picture of what you want to achieve in your business, we need to renovate your systems to swiftly build your ideal business

In this module, you’ll be able to:

  • Understand the urban myth about entrepreneurs needing to do it all.
  • Learn the three pillars of small business success and how to implement them.
  • Get clear on the repeatable elements of every stage of your business.
  • Liberate yourself from excessive hours, so you can have a life as well as a business.
  • Learn the mindset that every successful entrepreneur uses to rapidly grow your business.

Module 3: Automate

Our next step is to embrace smart technology to do the heavy lifting on repetitive tasks like chasing outstanding debtors and doing data entry, saving you valuable time to focus on the tasks that you and only you can do.

With this module, you’ll:

  • Learn how technology can free up hours of your time every week. And you don’t even have to be a tech expert to do it!
  • Embrace smart, easy to use technology to do repetitive tasks on time, every time.
  • Systemise your internal processes so that it’s the same experience for your customers every time.
  • Implement quality control steps to ensure high, consistent, quality.

Module 4: Generate

By the generate stage, we’ve got your systems working smoothly, and it’s now time to ‘flick the switch’ and expand your client base (without working more hours).

Here, you’ll find out exactly how to:

  • Perfect your sales process and increase your success rates.
  • Grow your income.
  • Create freedom from your business.

Module 5: Liberate

Now, it’s time to reap the rewards of your foundations over the past few months. Here, we guide you on how to build your A team – when and how to delegate tasks. This may be a virtual assistant, or a part time employee. Whatever your need, we guide you on how to liberate yourself from your business.

Finally, you’ll learn:

  • How to build your A team. And why it is imperative that you get the B’s and C’s off your entrepreneurial bus.
  • Why, how, when and what to delegate. So your team wins every time.
  • How to think strategically for your business – so you are the leader, not the doer.

Are YOU committed to starting up smart, without wasting your time or money?