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Hi I’m Jewlz!

Fondly known as the “Queen Calculator” who trained in the Big 4 and later, chasing large scale corporate fraudsters in London.

More than an accountant, I’ve used my 20+ years experience in the corporate sector to assist entrepreneurs in creating the lifestyle you deserve.

Our unique process enables us to overhaul your business by developing strategies to streamline your business through system automation that delivers profit maximisation.

By day, I’m a Podcaster, Chartered Accountant, Chartered Governance Professional and Company Director. By night, I’m a bad Ass 1974 Honda Four 400 owner with a house full of Labradors. 

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Our proven 5 step program improves your clarity of purpose with a laser focus on profitability. Wield your strengths to earn more without working extra hours AND ensure your money works for you (not the other way around).

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Nobody went into business saying “YAY I’m going to work 60+ hours per week for less pay than salary”. Yet, that’s exactly what many entrepreneurs have done!

Now is the time to reap the rewards of the foundations of what you’ve built so that you become the leader not the doer.

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