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 Strategic Tax Compliance

Are you ready to navigate Australian tax compliance with ease and precision?

Do you want to maximise your savings and streamline compliance?

Do you want to ensure your personal assets are protected with appropriate business structures?

Then you need our Strategic Tax Accounting

Virtual CFO

Are you blindly making big financial decisions (eg hiring new employees)?

Are you struggling to grow your business without working extra hours, cutting into valuable family and personal time?

Are you wanting to become financially free? 

Then you need our Virtual CFO services

Hi I’m Jewlz!

I launched Catalyst Plus in 2011, driven by a passion to help small business owners who were frequently underserved by the accounting industry.

While working for large corporations, I noticed our small business suppliers struggling with incorrect invoices and inefficient business structures that led to excessive tax payments.

Motivated by the joy I found in running after-hours financial workshops for these suppliers, I realised that empowering entrepreneurs was my true calling.

Et Voila! Catalyst Plus was born!


Erin EdwardsErin Edwards
00:07 12 Aug 22
Absolutely excellent as always
Lisa OkeefeLisa Okeefe
00:48 03 Feb 22
Jewlz is amazing!!!! I am starting my own business and I believe I could not be better hands. Jewlz is all about helping us small business owners cut our tax bills. I'm sooo excited about my business and I have an accountant who is all about my business!!!!Thankyou Jewlz 🤩🌸🤩
Karen WearKaren Wear
01:35 19 Oct 21
Changing our accountant to work with Jewlz was the single best business decision we have ever made - and in 36 years that's a big call! Jewlz continues to provide information, encouragement and expert advice for us to maximise our profitability. Always with a personal interest in the ability for us to get the best experience in working with her. How many people smile and are more than happy to meet the accountant or catch up via Zoom, Teams etc. Time well spent!
Jordan ThomasJordan Thomas
07:56 01 Sep 21
Have been using Jewlz and her calculator for many years and have referred all my close family and friends that have needed accounting and small business assistance. Couldn't recommend her and the team more strongly. Professional, skilled and exceptionally friendly. Such a positive experience working with them every year!
Rebecca Mar YoungRebecca Mar Young
21:17 28 Aug 21
I've been with Catalyst Plus for over six years now. In that time, Julie-Anne and her team have helped me to streamline my business and save money. They take the time to explain things when I don't understand and they're always looking for ways to save money. I love it how Julie-Anne also follows the BareFoot Investor. I'd highly recommend her and her team, especially if you're ready to move forward in your business or your life, with financial clarity.
Peter WearPeter Wear
04:21 26 Aug 21
Catalyst plus is an apt name for the team of Angels that provide incredible service to our business. They are the Catalyst for SUCCESS! They have made a huge impact on our ability to pre plan for EOFY, asset purchases and general business planning.They have even helped Karen with everyday issues that used to make her want to throw the computer out the window!Five stars just aren't enough!They are AMAZING!
08:03 24 Aug 21
Casey GilbeyCasey Gilbey
09:40 18 May 20
After using Catalyst Plus for my personal finances, I had no hesitation reaching out to the team for help with my new business responsibilities - especially during the COVID-19 upheaval. The response time and quality of assistance has been outstanding and invaluable. I would have had so much trouble navigating the complexities surrounding the business requirements for the ATO without the assistance of Jewlz and her team of Calculator Angels. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.
Nathalie ReiterNathalie Reiter
01:39 02 Apr 20
I've been working with Julie-Anne and her team for many years on multiple businesses (my own as well as my clients'). I highly recommend Catalyst+ to any small business who needs a switched-on accountant. In fact, Julie-Anne is so much more than an accountant, she's a smart business woman who actually truly cares about her clients and seeing them succeed. She always takes the time to go the extra mile and I know that whatever my business needs is taken care of. Before I know a grant or something else that could be beneficial to my business is available, she gives me a call to discuss options. I mean, which accountant does that?! I love her honest and down-to-earth personality and enjoy every little chat with her. Couldn't be happier with her services.

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