Stop overpaying your taxes and working without pay!

If you told your best friend that you quit your high paying job to work 60+ hours per week in your business without pay, and that each and every day you were putting your home, car and motorbikes on the line

I reckon they’d tell you were batsh!t crazy!!

But you’re not alone.

Each and every day, business owners like you are working their butts off for FREE and paying more tax than they should! 

All because they didn’t get the right advice up front from their bean-counting, stale accountant.

As business specialists, we’ll always challenge you to pay yourself FIRST and put the structures in place for you to work smarter, not harder.

So, what are you waiting for?!?

Wahoo! MORE Admin (said no Entrepreneur EVER)!

I am yet to find the entrepreneur who loves doing their books AND who eats compliance for breakfast! Yet this is exactly the solid foundation that every business needs and many simply don’t have.

Nobody told you about the hours of admin you’ll need to do – let alone chasing outstanding debts so that you can pay your bills! Oh! And the sleepless nights worrying about how you’ll pay your employees!! 

Quicker than you could say Jimmy Cricket, you’ve become the Cranky Pants, Sleep-Deprived Entrepreneur! AND your family is at your throat!!

What if I told you that having a business doesn’t have to be this way? You CAN have a truly profitable business AND be an inspired leader?

Hi I’m Jewlz, The Queen Calculator, Xero Gold partner and paperless automation expert. I’m also a Chartered Accountant, Chartered Company Secretary, Registered Company Director and soon to be certified Life Coach with over 20 passionate years working with courageous entrepreneurs.

I’ve helped hundreds of business owners break through to financial freedom and love nothing more than to unravel your business spaghetti so you will go from surviving to thriving! (Well, OK maybe a spin on Lady Wonder the 1974 Honda 400Four through Autumn leaves might give that love a nudge or two).

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