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Jewlz Ellem

Jewlz is our Principal Chartered Accountant and Chartered Company Secretary with over 20 years experience in industry. She founded Catalyst Plus in 2011 after years of frustration seeing the Accounting Profession not empowering her Small Business Suppliers and knowing she needed to offer something different. Working with Jewlz ensures your serene ambition is supported with systemised clarity over your key business drivers. On weekends, you’ll find her riding her motorcycles or volunteering with NSW SES.

ANGEL POWER: Automagification

Jessy Douglas

Jessy Douglas

Angels Co-ordinator
Jessy is our Angel with a dash of sunshine! Jessy will help you with your day to day Xero queries, ensure you get into Jewlz's calendar and make all our important meetings happy. She also keeps us accountable so that your deadlines are met on time! Outside of work, you'll find Jessy getting her Zumba on!

ANGEL POWER: Accountability

Jonelle Ocampo

Jonelle Ocampo

Compliance Calculator
Jonelle is our Angel with compliance at his front of mind. Like Jewlz, he's ex Ernst & Young, audit and CPA qualified. In short, not much gets past him. He brings to our team a high standard of quality and ensures your compliance work is spot on. Outside of work, you'll find Jonelle playing basketball with his mates. Angel Power: Magic Spreadsheets

Rosalie Narciso

Bookkeeping Calculator
Rosalie is our Angel looking after our bookkeeping clients. Most recently, she worked with Accenture as a general accounting analyst. She's meticulous and demands a high quality of data to be provided to ensure your books are reconciled accurately. Internally, we call her Whitney because Oh My Lord, when you hear this lovely lady sing, you'll get goose bumps! We also always want pictures of her adorable little Railie! Angel Power: Attention to detail

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