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3 Simple steps to add Super Fund to Xero file


Setting up payroll in Xero can be tricky. If you are new to Automagic Super payments, you’ll need these three simple steps to add a super fund to your Xero file.

Add Super Fund to Xero File first

Before you add superannuation details to an employee it is important that you first of all enter the new Superannuation Fund on Xero. This is because it is necessary to first authorise the new Super Fund to your employer registration on Click Super.

First, log into your Xero file:

Step 1: Navigate to Payroll Settings

  • Select Settings; and
  • Payroll Settings (note, if you don’t have “Payroll Settings” in the drop down, you may also select General Settings, navigate to Payroll Settings); and

Step 2: Select Superannuation

  • Select “Superannuation” Tab; and
  • click “Add Superannuation Fund”

Step 3: Enter the Superannuation Fund details

On this pop-up box, you’ll need to complete the following sections:

a) Choose if it is a Regulated or Self Managed Super Fund; and

b) Searching and selecting the relevant super fund – either by typing the name or the USI code; and

c) Entering your “Employer Number” for that particular super fund. Note, if you don’t have an employer Number, it’s OK you can still add the fund to your Xero Employer Account; and

d) Click “Add”

Now the superannuation fund is added as an authorised fund in your Xero file, you may now update your employee’s file with their Membership number.

Then Add Super Fund to Xero Employee

Once you have entered the Super Fund into your Xero file, you can now go back to your employee setup.

Your next step is to navigate to the “Employment Tab” and select the relevant Super Fund. You’ll then be prompted to add employee’s membership number.

You will then be prompted to add the employee’s membership details to the employee file within Xero

Next Steps

I hope this Tips & Tricks was of help to you. If you are still having problems, please call our Calculator Angels on 02 6543 1219 and we’ll help you over the phone. Alternatively, book online today!

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