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The Cloud and your Business


The Cloud.

No, not the thing in the sky, but the thing on the internet.

Cloud-based software isn’t just the future of how people will one day do business, it’s happening right now. But what is it? With traditional software, your information lives only on your computer or laptop, where it can only be accessed at limited times and on limited devices.

With cloud software, your data lives online, so it is always accessible from anywhere, at any time, as long as you have an internet connection. It’s convenient, secure and reliable. It helps you to be mobile.

The future of the cloud and your business are intertwined if you are to stay ahead of the game. So how do you get started and what should you look out for?

If you’ve ever used emails online (such as google mail, hotmail, yahoo) you’re already using Cloud based software.


The cloud breaks the chain between your office computer and your business information. Need access to your bank account while you’re on the move? No problem with the cloud. Need to update your accounts while you’re out of the office? Now you can.

Catalyst Plus has done its homework on cloud software, so you don’t have to. In 2011 we partnered with Xero*, an industry leader in cloud computing.

With the cloud there is no need to keep all your files and data on a single computer – no need to worry about backups, theft, data loss, support and upgrades.

The cloud takes the stress out of computing. It lets you use computers, laptops, tablets, smartphones and other devices to access your business information – seamlessly, securely and in real time. Just log in and go, any time, any where.

Information courtesy – visit the website for more information about cloud

(* Our Xero partnership does not preclude the use of other software
providers, and depending upon your business strategy and industry,
some industry based products are better suited to your needs.)

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