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How to be a winner this Melbourne Cup Day!

Welcome to silly season in Australia! Melbourne cup is the start of summer celebrations.
Melbourne Cup day is one of the biggest day for our racing industry and the largest day for horse betting. The wins are the largest and so are the losses.
So, how can you manage the fun, excitement and keep a handle on your back pocket?
These three simple strategies:
1. Physical budget up front
2. Leave temptation behind
3. Organise your way home

1. Physical budget up front

Figure out how much money you are willing to spend today – both in bets, drinks and travel home.
Then, go to the ATM and draw out that cash up front. That’s your budget for the day.

2. Leave temptation behind

Once you have your money drawn out of the bank account, take out all your credit cards and debit cards and put them in a secure, safe place for tomorrow (eg a locked drawer at work).

3. Organise your way home

Melbourne cup celebrations often times involves a little bit of alcohol. You want to make sure you can get home on your budget (you don’t have your cards with you, remember).
Make sure your Opal Card is topped up, or if you need a taxi, you’ve put aside some money in a secret compartment (away from the rest of your spending money). It might be the pocket of your trousers, or a separate section of your wallet.
This way, you know before you have alcohol, your safe way home is ready.
My best advice is not to rely on anybody else to sort this out for you or the promise of a ‘shared taxi’ with a friend – we all know alcohol can change plans without meaning to.

There is help available!

If you do have a gambling problem, or have a friend or family member who may have a problem – Melbourne Cup day can often times be a temptation too great for them.
There is help available – each state and territory have their own helpline, and in NSW it is:
Another, not for profit entity that offers help Australia wide includes:

Who will win this year?

My bet is on the brown horse! Go you little beauty!!!
See you next week in Catalyst Plus TV!
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