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How getting rid of the shoebox of receipts changed my life

Have you ever thought there must be a better way than keeping this shoebox of receipts?

Or perhaps you accidentally left that fuel receipt on the dash and the sun burned the ink off?

Keeping receipts can be a pain in the you know where, but unfortunately, as an entrepreneur, it’s a necessary evil. We don’t want to get into trouble if we are ever part of a tax audit, but some of these things are tiiiiiny!

There is a solution and it’s found in one little application.


This software allows you to take a photo on your phone of a receipt and upload it for automagic data entry.

I mean, figuring out who the receipt is from, what the invoice number is, how much you paid, how much GST you paid and even, suggesting what category the receipt should be coded to!

It also allows scanned files, or emails to be forwarded to allow similar processing in even more speedy gonzalas (ie hands free) data entry treatment.

We did a lot of research (and I mean A LOT) and trialed a heap of similar solutions that allowed you to take a picture / scan or email of an invoice and turn it into data ready to use within the accounting process.

But none allowed such an array of methods of automation nor processed handwritten receipts nearly as well as this product.

Yes, I just meant accurate, automated data recognition for hand written receipts and if you’ve ever seen my handwriting on a really bad day, you’d be over the moon that a computer could decifer what I wrote!

How ReceiptBank changed my world



By using ReceiptBank for all of our receipts, I’ve managed to save 20 hours per month in record keeping f.

Uploading to ReceiptBank
Some of the methods of upload into the ReceiptBank application include:

  • taking a photo from your phone
  • forwarding an email
  • Linking a Dropbox folder to the application
  • Linking your PayPal account to the application
  • Asking your suppliers to ’email your accounts team’ (using the specific email address provided by ReceiptBank for your file)

Going paperless is the way forward

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