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Get paid faster with Square

Every Tradie I know says that getting paid on time or before leaving a work site is a pain. 

Sometimes, when you’ve been on site the customer only has a card or cheque book and you might not be able to take

that kind of payment. So you need to send an invoice and HOPE that your customer will pay you.

In this week’s episode of Tradie Tuesday, we’ll look at how you can get paid faster with a simple, pocket sized gizmo called a SQUARE reader.


What is Square?

Square is a unique mobile merchant facility – in that there are no complex up front application form to complete, crazy ongoing fees or ongoing hire facilities.

You buy the device up front, and pay only when you use it.

This is very different to many other portable merchant facilities currently available to small business owners. Most banks will take you through a complex application process and then charge you a monthly fee to ‘hire’ the facility on top of the actual usage (via Merchant Fees).

How much does it cost?

With Square, you buy the gizmo up front (around $59 for a Contact Less+ Chip Reader option), and link it to your bank account. Then as you use the device you’ll receive the funds in your bank account over night.

Where can I get a Square?

You can buy Square online direct  here

OR you can pick one up from OfficeWorks / Bunnings / Harvey Norman / Apple to name a few retailers.

Benefits of Square:

  • Up front payment for the gadget $59 – no ongoing monthly fees
  • Quick online setup
  • Pay as you go Merchant Fees (currently 1.9% or keyed in 2.2%)
  • Overnight settlement in your bank
  • Free Point of Sale APP you can run from your phone / tablet
  • Mobile – can use anywhere with mobile data reception

Want to know more? Give us a call on 0408 601 228 and we’ll take you through it.

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