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Jewlz Ellem is the creator of the “Three Pillars of Business Growth” which is a method that empowers entrepreneurs to grow their business without working 60+ hour weeks so that they may enjoy greater security for themselves and their family – whilst generating more money to fund the lifestyle they enjoy (and possibly a few extra motorcycles!).

Jewlz has been working as a Chartered Accountant for over 20 years and is also a Chartered Company Secretary. In her earlier years, she gained a background in audit, forensics and commercial accounting.

Whilst a senior Financial Accountant in multi-national organisations, she became increasingly frustrated on behalf of her small business suppliers. Most of whom were clearly not getting the necessary support and advice from the Accounting Profession.

Knowing that there was a clear need for empowering small business, to understand the learn from their numbers to drive their businesses forward, she founded Catalyst Plus in 2011.  She’s been building small businesses and helping entrepreneurs achieve their wildest dreams ever since.

Jewlz and her team ensure your serene ambition is supported with systemised clarity over the key business of your business.

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Email & Skype support

We provide both email and Skype support for all of our clients so that you can get the answers when you need them (rather than having to book a meeting in the future).

Dedicated Team

Accounting team with a wealth of commercial and taxation experience

Business Consulting

Experienced consultants who you can draw on real commercial experience and solutions.

Keep more of the money you earn

We pride ourselves on finding you the best, ethical solutions to reduce your tax so that you may keep more of what you earn.
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